Lochwinnoch House

Dan and I have worked with Richard over a twelve-year period that has involved four renovation/addition phases. Because of his extraordinary talent, we have managed to transform our 80 year old family farmhouse into a dream home that is not only enjoyed by us and our four children, but will no doubt be enjoyed by future generations. This is in large part due to Richard's conscientious emphasis on understanding his client's requirements. We believe that we have achieved a remarkable and pleasing combination of traditional warmth with modem accents and lines. I am happy to say that we are very proud of the finished product!"

The house is a turn of the century frame farmhouse and a family and ancestral home.  When her parents decided to build a new bungalow, the couple chose to renovate the older farmhouse. A 5-acre lot was severed from the family farm.  The house is located adjacent to a rather steep creek gully to the southeast.  To the northeast are the farm's barns and outbuildings.  The other sides are open to cultivated fields. Over a period of 12-years, a series of projects has been undertaken including the renovation of the house, a sunroom addition, the conversion of an unfinished attic to a bedroom